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Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and many other cities have experimented in regards to better street design that improves walk-ability, encourages cycling, have integrated underground utilities and design elements to improve the lifespan of these infrastructure projects.

Pune Municipal Corporation and Pune Smart City has been actively working on various street projects and one of the most popular streets of Pune viz. J M Road, F C Road and some others are getting a major remake in the recent years. A notable number of features have been different about these projects and they have set a new benchmark to rethink the way streets are constructed.

A conversation regarding the project took place with Pranjali from ITDP. She mentioned the timeline of the Pune Street Program that initially started off with an inhouse design team as well as forming the urban street design guidelines for Pune. A total of 100 km stretch of roads were selected with initial data collection and on-site information. Design firms, architects and urban designers were empaneled which presented concept designs based on which RFP documents were floated. The Pune Street Program committee was formed consisted of various stakeholders such as different departments, traffic police, NGO’s and advisors. As the project idea was drafted it was consulted for with the committee at every stage as it progressed. This ensured proper co-ordination while implementation such as ensuring all the utilities are underground and that the work is done in a systematic sequence.

The project at JM road has been interesting to see as people are actively using the street and has restored a quality public space while returning the charm of a popular street.

Other than this project the Pune Street Design Guidelines have largely impacted the quality of footpaths and other walking areas in the city.



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